Creating a Flash Document that Animates a graphic with Actionscript to Stop the Animation and a Replay Button

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Creating your first Flash Professional CS5 document | Adobe Developer Connection

This is a great tutorial to jump into creating Flash documents.  I started out by following the instructions and creating a Logo with my name.

I then decided to create an animated “Mickey.”  I did get stuck on the step that wanted me to Right-Click the symbol I created and select “Create Motion Tween.”  No menu came up for me, but I did find that I could accomplish the task by selection Motion Tween from the Insert menu.

When coding the Actionscript for the replay button, make sure you are on the action layer, frame 1 in the timeline.

I did have an error in my code (left out the : before the void).  It gave me a compilation error that said something about a missing {.




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